Career Development

The Company believes talent is in everyone. At BYC, you can actively shape your own development by following the well-structured development process and tools in order to make full use of your potential.

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    BASF-YPC Company Limited promotes and implements a performance management and employee development system for all employees from recruitment and throughout their whole career. The Company provides the same opportunities of employment and career development for every employee and encourages company staff to participate in work and decision making process through open communication and information and also strives for efficiency and optimizes company services through continual learning and improvement.

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    BYC recognizes that its growth and future success depends, to a great extent, on the continuing development of its employees. A series of development programs are therefore designed and provided to the talents for their further development with the company. The Company provides multiple development channels for employees. We support an environment that fosters challenging career development opportunities and encourages you to make the most of the resources available to you.

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    The Company provides a diverse range of training and learning opportunities for each employee, including job rotation, mentoring, colleagues sharing and training courses to help employees grow and develop better.

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    You will feel the difference if you work for the Company.

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