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BASF-YPC Company Limited (BASF-YPC), a 50:50 joint venture between two FORTUNE 500 companies -- BASF and SINOPEC, is regarded as a role model of successful Sino-German cooperation. It is located in Nanjing Jiangbei New Materials High-Tech Park, where BASF-YPC enjoys a favorable environment for further expansion as well as synergies with neighboring enterprises.

BASF-YPC began constructing the first phase of its Integrated Petrochemical Site in September 2001, which started commercial operation in June 2005. With an investment amounting to USD 2.9 billion, BASF-YPC built 10 process plants with a steam cracker plant of 600,000 tonne/year ethylene as the centerpiece in the first phase. All plants employ advanced technology and BASF "Verbund" concept to save on raw materials and energy, reduce emissions, cut logistics costs and exploit synergies. The site also has a gas turbine combined cycle power plant and several international ports to ensure optimum energy supply and logistics.

In September 2009, BASF-YPC initiated the second phase development, with an investment of around USD 1.4 billion in total, including expansions of existing plants and construction of new facilities. The commercial operation began in January 2012. The steam cracker was expanded to produce 740,000 tonne/year of ethylene along with the ethylene oxide plant expansion and the construction of a new ethylene oxide purification unit. New plants in the expanded ethylene oxide derivatives value chain include a non-ionic surfactants plant, an amines complex for the production of ethanolamines, ethyleneamines and dimethylethanolamine, and a dimethylaminoethyl acrylate plant. The newly integrated C4 complex consists of a butadiene extraction plant, an isobutene extraction plant, a plant for highly reactive polyisobutene, and a 2-propyl-heptanol plant. The oxo-C4 plant was also expanded.

In September 2010, Yangzi-BASF Styrenics Company Limited was merged into BASF-YPC. The former, a joint venture between BASF and Yangzi Petrochemical Company Limited founded in 1994 with a total investment of RMB 2.2 billion.

After that, BASF-YPC expanded its acrylic acid value chain with additional acrylic acid, butyl acrylate and superabsorbent polymer plants. The three were put into operation in 2014. Thus, BASF-YPC enhanced its support to the home care and hygiene industries as well as the coatings, textiles, and construction industries. In 2015 BASF-YPC expanded the ethylene oxide plant and built a new plant of neopentylglycol. In 2019 BASF-YPC inaugurated the new propionic acid plant.

BASF-YPC sells about 3 million tonnes of high-quality chemicals and polymers per year to cater to the rapidly growing Chinese market and is satisfying customers with excellent services. Persistent in developing sustainably and active in taking social responsibility, BASF-YPC strives to be a reliable partner to our suppliers and customers, and a trustworthy corporate citizen to benefit the society.


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The Company provides multiple development channels for employees. We support an environment that fosters challenging career development opportunities and encourages employees to make the most of the resources available to them. The Company provides a diverse range of training and learning opportunities for each employee, including job rotation, mentoring, colleagues sharing and training courses to help employees grow and develop better. You will feel the difference if you work for the Company.

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