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2024 Community Dialogue of BYCJune 21, 2024

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On the afternoon of June 19, BYC held a Community Dialogue to deepen communication and cooperation with the neighboring communities and local government. The leaders of JBNA Ecological Environment and Water Affairs Bureau, JBNA Emergency Management Bureau, Changlu Street Office, New Materials High-tech Park Administrative Office, Ecological Environment Law Enforcement and Supervision Bureau of the Park, Safety and Environmental Protection Department of the Park, Closed-off Management Office of the Park, NCIP Fire Brigade, Changlu Police Station as well as resident representatives from the neighboring communities were invited. BYC President Bram JANSEN, Vice President WU Pengming and relevant leaders attended the event.

Firstly, the relevant leaders of BYC gave presentations on Company Profile, Flare Knowledge Popularization in Chemical Companies and BYC’s Flare Management, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development and Turnaround 2025.

During the Q&A session, the guests put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on how to further optimize safety and environmental protection measures and strengthen communication and cooperation.

CHEN Qingguo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of New Materials High-tech Park Administrative Office, ZHANG Yong, Deputy Director of JBNA Emergency Management Bureau, and GUO Chengcun, Deputy Director of Changlu Street Office, delivered speeches respectively, in which they appreciated BYC’s efforts in EHS and social responsibility, and hoped that BYC, the communities and the government will establish closer relations and work together for common development.

The Community Dialogue not only enhanced the understanding and trust between BYC, the communities and the local government, but also laid a solid foundation for promoting the harmonious development of the region. In the future, BYC will continue to work with the communities and the local government to create a better living environment.

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