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Mission, Vision, Values


As a highly integrated world-scale supplier of chemicals and an acknowledged frontrunner in EHS, we keep a strong competitive position in the Chinese market as the preferred partner of our customers.


Earn constantly a premium on our cost of capital.

Grow profitably by further development of our product portfolio, by full utilization of our assets and continuous innovation.

Be the first Choice for investments of parent companies within all Chinese Joint ventures of BASF and SINOPEC groups.

Be the first Choice for customers.

Be the preferred Company for excellent people.

Be a respected corporate citizen recognized for our social responsibility and commitment to sustainable development.


We commit ourselves to a sustainable development of BYC in social, economic and environmental perspective.

We satisfy our customers by providing high quality products and excellent services as a reliable supplier.

We prefer business partners who share our values and principles.

We assure our competitiveness and profitability through Operational Excellence of our world-scale chemical site.

We never compromise on safety and we are fully committed to Responsible Care.

We take over ownership and treat everyone with respect and encourage open dialogue in order to achieve excellent results.

We conduct our business with honesty and integrity while ensuring compliance and contributing to the development of the society.

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