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Strategic Collaboration between BYC and Nanjing Polytechnic InstituteMarch 31, 2019


On March 21, Uwe Kirchgaessner, BYC President and He Xuejun, Principal of Nanjing Polytechnic Institute, signed the strategic collaboration agreement between BYC and the Institute in a big signing ceremony. The Institute is a renowned institute with around 12,000 students in the proximity of BYC with a 60 years track record and outstanding scientific achievements. 

This strategic agreement contains the commitment to set up specific BYC classes and select the students jointly, and train them on a tailor-made curriculum, which are derived from BYC's business demands.

In this respect BYC will support to develop the BYC specific courses and provide internship opportunities as part of the training.

Finally these well-educated students will join BYC as fresh employees with a decent practical experience and knowledge about BYC’s safety culture, organization and processes. This will significantly shorten the time by when they can work independently in BYC.

This good basis helps to start their working career on a solid theoretical and practical base. And this approach puts them in a position to quickly contribute in their positions.

"The strategic collaboration agreement with Nanjing Polytechnic Institute is another milestone to tackle the demographic change and to provide a reliable talent pipeline for the future profitable growth of BYC," Uwe Kirchgaessner said.

Actually the strategic collaborations with colleges, institutes and universities is a part of the comprehensive strategy of BYC to be the preferred Company for excellent people. Based on the demographic analysis of BYC’s staff structure, the future positions and people demand is identified.

order to be prepared to fill the future vacancies, BYC launched Leadership Talent Program, Grow candidate program for key positions, strengthened the Employee Development process, implemented the Learning Plan Initiative and held New Leader Training.

"We have identified the demographic changes as one of the strategic challenges for BYC years ago, and we consequently developed concepts and launched initiatives to overcome the challenge and take the change as an opportunity to create a bright future for BYC. Today I am happy to see that BYC as Sino-German joint venture will start the joint journey towards a vocational training concept with Nanjing Polytechnic Institute. In particular because the concept is quite similar to the success story of dual education in Germany. Thus I am convinced it will work out for our mutual benefit," HR Director Markus Herman said.

Ms. Sand Dee Ng, the future HR Director added: "To provide BYC with the right people and put them on the right positions is one of the key success factors for BYC and therefore Talent Pipeline is one of the focal points of HR work."

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