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BYC Fulfils Social Responsibility and Strives to be a Model on Water ProtectionDecember 12, 2017


On December 7, 2017, BASF-YPC Company Limited (BYC) co-hosted with European Chamber the 3rd Green and Clean Forum and 4th Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award Ceremony in Nanjing. Over 200 international and domestic stakeholders addressed the challenges and pressures on water resources worldwide, with the goal of sparking ideas and actions from both corporate and social levels on how to achieve sustainable water management through innovative technologies and approaches.

This year's theme is "Water Preservation and Environmental Impact of Our Business". Jiangsu Province, known as "the land of rice and fish", has one of the highest concentrations of freshwater lakes in China. Water quality has a great influence on aquaculture, the natural environment and people's health. "Worldwide, water is becoming an increasingly valuable resource. Water is of fundamental importance in chemical production, and BYC is committed to responsible water use in its production and along the value chain," said Dr. Uwe Kirchgaessner, BYC President, in the keynote speech. In 2016, the Company used 1,248 million cubic meters of water for cooling and 5.9 million cubic meters of water for production, but the actual water supply was only 16 million cubic meters thanks to recirculation. In addition, 100% of the water used for production came from surface water, without using any groundwater and drinking water. "At our site, devices are installed with online monitoring meters for waste water discharge. The waste water from the site will only flow into the Yangtze Sewage Treatment Plant for refining if it meets the required standards of the sewage plant after pretreatment."

At the end of 2016, the province established a 15-year water resource protection plan that stressed the importance of water to its future sustainable development and prosperity. In addition, the revised national "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law" will go into effect on January 1, 2018. According to Ms. Zhang Danning, Vice Director of Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau, in 2016 the municipal government has set up 100 specific tasks involving the pollution prevention on industry, agriculture, human life, etc. as well as the river regulating. Now the overall water quality in Nanjing is improving. In future the authority will take further steps based on the Law to build an eco-city, together with the efforts of enterprises and the society.

For a deeper and better experience sharing in the forum, BYC specially invited Dr. Linda von dem Bussche, Senior Vice President Environmental and Safety Services of BASF SE, to introduce some water protection measures in BASF Ludwigshafen. "Sustainable use of water is an integral part of BASF's sustainability concept. We introduce sustainable water management at all relevant production sites. Because of our efforts to manage water more sustainably, BASF was acknowledged as a global leader in sustainable water management by CDP, a highly recognized international non-profit organization, who included BASF on its 'Water A List' in October this year."

As a leading provider of chemical solutions for water treatment, BASF and BYC offer customer-centric solutions for the water industry. BYC provides raw materials for the Zetag® cationic polyacrylamide flocculant range produced in the adjacent plant in BASF Specialty Chemicals (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. The flocculant has been used in the sludge dewatering process and proven its excellent performance in municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants nationwide, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Chengdu. BASF applied its Inge® ultrafiltration membrane technology for water treatment in Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Province. The nanopore filters of the patented Multibore® membrane intercept not only particles, but also microorganisms such as bacteria and even viruses in water.

On the 4th CSR Award Ceremony, nine companies received awards for their outstanding CSR performance. This award is set up to acknowledge CSR successes, raise sustainability awareness, and share the CSR experiences with organizations in China. Dr. Christophe Hebette, General Manager of Engineering, Maintenance, EHS Division, introduced to the audiences the CSR experience of BYC during the past years. He, and Dr. Markus Hermann, Director of Human Resources Department and Board Member of EUCCC Nanjing Chamber, presented the trophies to the award winners.

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