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The Event Chronicle (2001)

January 16

Mr. Hui Liangyu, Party Secretary of Jiangsu Province and Mr. Ji Yunshi, Governor of Jiangsu Province met Dr. Blumenberg in Nanjing.

February 6

EPC contract for BCC signed in Beijing.

April 9

SINOPEC/YPC appointed Dr. Dai Yu as General Manager of Basic Chemicals Division.

May 18

The 2nd BOD meeting held in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

June 1

The Personnel and Administration Division and some employees of Finance Division of Yangzi-BASF Styrenics Company Limited joined the company, indicating the start of service-sharing between the two companies.

June 27

Mr. Binckli and Dr. Nissen, former President and President of BASF East Asia visited the company.

July 10

The signing ceremony of the BCC sub-contract was held at YPC Guest House.

September 28

IPS Groundbreaking ceremony held with an attendance of around 1,000 guests from home and abroad.

October 17

Mr. Li Yuanchao, Party Secretary of Nanjing Municipality and Mr. Luo Zhijun, Acting Mayor visited the company.

November 5

The 3rd BOD meeting held in Qingdao.

November 7

BOD members visited Haier Group.

December 8

The first issue of Company Information, the newsletter for the company employees, published.

December 25

Mr. Li Yuanchao, Party Secretary of Nanjing Municipality inspected the IPS site.

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