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The Event Chronicle (2009)

January 1

More than one hundred employees attended the 27th Nanjing New Year Long-distance Running and were awarded “The Best Organized Team” and “The Meritorious Entity”.

January 16

Over one thousand and three hundred employees attended 2008 Annual Meeting held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center.

January 24

The Management of the Company visited the Steering Committee of Yanjiang Industrial Development Zone and donated RMB100,000 to poor families in the communities.

March 4

The Coordination Meeting of Integrated Petrochemical Site Ⅱ project was held in the office of Administrative Committee of Nanjing Chemical Industry Park.

July 1

Integrated Petrochemical Site Ⅱ project was approved by the Chinese central government.

June 25-26

C.A.R..E. campaign was launched during June 25-26 with the slogan of “We C.A.R..E. about safety”.

June 26

The Company won “Safe and Secure Company of Nanjing”.

September 16

The Company held Community Meeting with local government and communities on Integrated Petrochemical Site Ⅱ.

September 28

Ground Breaking of Integrated Petrochemical Site Ⅱ.

October 30

The Signing Ceremony of Integrated Petrochemical Site ⅡProject Construction Insurance was held in the mansion of PICC Jiangsu branch.

November 8-11

The 18th BOD Meeting was held in Xiamen.

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